Very simple recent comments plugin (wordpress)

27 februarie 2007 - 23:06


This wordpress plugin shows in a very simple manor the latest comments or trackbacks on your posts, linking them to the comments.
The output looks like:

comment_author on post_name.

You can see it in action on my sidebar :) ==>


Just copy vs-recent-comments.php into your plugin folder (wp-content/plugins) and activate Very Simple Recent Comments via administration panel.


Put the following code into your sidebar, were do you want to show recent comments:

<?php if (function_exists(‘vs_recent_comments’)) : ?>
<li><h2>Recent Comments</h2>
<?php vs_recent_comments(); ?>
<?php endif; ?>


  • What arguments can it take?
    • The function takes 3 arguments:
      • number of comments to show
      • before
      • after
    • Default options are vs_recent_comments(10,’<li>’,'</li>’);
  • With what version of WordPress should I use the plugin?
    • The plugin suport any WordPress version from 1.5 to 2.x
  • What if I love/hate this plugin? Have more questions?
    • Leave me a reply here


Happy blogging ;)

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  • SparkleDreams

    This plugin is very usefull! I used it and I liked it!
    good job!

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  • FlorinD

    nice this , thx

    · link

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